The Art & Science of Well-Being

A lot is said about “wellness” in this day and age. In his simple, compassionate, and direct way, our own Dr. Pete Buecker lays out the four things you need to be happy and well for all of your days.

Wellness is currently achievable for you regardless of your age, health, financial, relationship, or personal situation, and here’s your chance to understand how you can discover it for yourself. This 2 hour workshop is interactive, and will include plenty of time for discussion and Q and A.

At the completion of this workshop you will:

- Understand the 4 basic components of health and well-being

- Have a vision of wellness in your own life and a preliminary plan of how to get there

- Be empowered to make choices in your daily life that will support your journey toward the health and happiness you want and deserve

- Have made the first “next step” toward a happier, healthier you.


Monday, April 7th
6:30p – 8:30p

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Instructor Bio:

Peter Buecker, MD is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. After completing medical school and a residency in Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Louisville, he completed a specialty fellowship at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. He returned to Louisville where he has been in practice since 2005.

In January of 2013, he opened Wellness 360, a center dedicated to cultivating wellness of body, mind, and spirit using practices such as yoga, massage, meditation, and health coaching. There he teaches mindfulness, meditation, and stress relief in both group and individual formats. He has also written and published a book called No Magic Pill: Be Happier and Healthier Now, Just As You Are, available on and in the studio.

He is currently engaged in ongoing education and research in the developing field of Mind-Body Medicine. His main interest includes helping individuals cultivate the appropriate mindset for making and sustaining positive change in their pursuit of a more pleasant and enjoyable experience of life.